Zerolatency sport retail solution, Multiscreens solution for live sport events


Today with our solution we support our customers on a daily basis with options ranging from:

  • 4 Live Virtual Playouts

  • 15 Live Channel Input and Distribution in Italy and other Delivery territories.
  • 20 Partner Channels to deliver custom video portfolios
  • 10.000 set top box running day by day (only Italian territory)
  • Internet distribution in faster and more reliable format, on the public internet
  • 1 Service Desk Management Support System
  • Fast, reliable and competitive to provide our customers the best tools on the the market!

Our Vision and Key Point

Based on our long experience, we understand what our customers needs and we provide the best robust and reliable solution for sport. Location, quality of network ingest, delivery content, control and protection of content on streaming distribution and ingest.

Contact us

Here you can schedule a real time “live presentation” of Zerolatency and you could ask our team questions who would be happy to support you on your Zerolatency discovery.